Oracle 19c RAC 官方补丁 Readme 说明 Patch 34160854: COMBO OF OJVM RU COMPONENT + GI RU

Patch 34160854 – Combo of OJVM Component Release Update + Grid Infrastructure Jul 2022 Release Update

This document is accurate at the time of release. For any changes and additional information regarding this patch, see these related documents that are available at My Oracle Support (

  • Document 854428.1 Patch Set Updates for Oracle Products
  • Document 19202207.9 Oracle Database 19c Release Update and Release Update Revision July 2022 Known Issues

This patch is not Oracle RAC Rolling installable. However, the OJVM RU (Update) may be installed in a “Conditional Rolling Install” fashion for the following use cases:

  • No OJVM usage
  • OJVM used by non-critical jobs and programs
  • OJVM used by critical functions isolated as services
  • OJVM used extensively, not isolated, and downtime is tolerated
  • OJVM used by critical functions and minimal downtime is required

See My Oracle Support Document 2217053.1 for more details.

This document includes the following sections:

1.1 About the Combo Patch

This is a convenience patch that includes both the Oracle JavaVM Component Release Update patch and the Database Grid Infrastructure Jul 2022 Release Update patch and can be downloaded using a single zip from My Oracle Support.

The Patch contains the following list of patches:

  • Patch 34130714 – Database Grid Infrastructure Jul 2022 Release Update –> RAC-Rolling Installable
  • Patch 34086870 – Oracle JavaVM Component Release Update –> Patch has some additional requirements if it is to be installed in a “Conditional Rolling Install” fashion, as detailed in MOS NOTE 2217053.1.

1.2 Installing the Combo Patch

To install patches, complete the following steps:

  1. Download and extract the ARU patch file available under Patch 34160854 to a directory of your choice.
    • Unzip patch file downloaded. An example is as follows:% unzip p34160854 _190000_<platform>.zip inflating: README.html inflating: … %
  2. Verify the structure of the contents of the Combo Patch. The top-level directory contains this README document and some sub-directories in the following layout:34160854 | |- README.txt | |- README.html | |- 34130714/ | –README.html | — <other files and directories> | |- 34086870/ | –README.html | — <other files and directories> | NOTE: To review the READMEs for the component patches, click on the component patch number, then click Read Me.
  3. Install each of the component patches. For information about installing these patches, refer to the component-specific README files which are included in the patch bundle. For example, to know information about applying the Oracle JavaVM Component Release Update patch, see 34160854 /34086870/README.html.

1.3 Uninstalling the Combo Patch

Refer to the component-specific READMEs for rollback instructions.

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