ORA-13504: No SYSAUX datafile clause specified ORACLE 报错 故障修复 远程处理


ORA-13504: No SYSAUX datafile clause specified

Cause: If Create Database has the datafile clause, then SYSAUX datafile clause has to be specified, unless using OMF.

Action: Specify the SYSAUX datafile clause.

ORA-13504 is an Oracle Database error message indicating that a SYSAUX datafile clause is required in order to create the database, but this clause is not specified.

This error can occur when attempting to create a database with the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), attempting to create a data file, or attempting to add a data file to the database.

Official Explanation:

This error occurs when the SYSAUX datafile clause is not specified while creating a new database or while adding datafile to the SYSAUX tablespace. The SYSAUX tablespace contains the components used for Manageability features, such as Oracle Database Resource Manager, XML Database and Oracle Database Tuning Advisor.

Common Cases:

The most common reason for this error is a user attempting to create a database without specifying the SYSAUX datafile clause.

Normal Procedures:

1. In DBCA, make sure that the Calculate Space option is selected in the Tablespace Stretch Factor tab.

2. Make sure that the SYSAUX tablespace is enabled in the Manageability Options tab.

2. Manually add the SYSAUX datafile clause to the CREATE DATABASE command while creating the database.

3. Manually create the SYSAUX datafile if it is not already present.

4. Add the SYSAUX datafile to the SYSAUX tablespace if it is missing.

5. Troubleshoot and identify the cause of the issue.

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